Woman of the Week (W.O.W.), Week 3: Lisa Lundy

Editor’s note: This is the third post of the Woman of the Week series, created and written by the PRSSA at LSU diversity committee as a part of Women’s History Month in March. To get involved or nominate someone, please email the diversity committee at

Lisa Lundy, photo credit: Paige Brown

When she is not reinvigorating her teaching by using digital and social media, or watching her students realize how exciting their major can be, Dr. Lisa Lundy is learning.

“I love to learn. I think having a desire to keep learning is important in any career. I learn right along with my students every semester,” Lundy said.

Having great mentor relationships is also key for a successful career. Relying on these mentors when facing tough questions is really important, Lundy added.

Spending time with students and helping them succeed is what Lundy loves about her job. Rising through the ranks isn’t what concerns her the most. Finding opportunities where she can really contribute and hopefully make a difference are what really matters, Lundy said.

As far as advice for young women as they progress in their careers, Lundy advises not to let anyone else define success for you.

“At different stages of your life and career, you’ll have different priorities,” Lundy says.

Having young children while trying to balance being a professor and a mom is a daily struggle for Lundy. However, she recognizes that being able to spend time on the things that matter most is really important.

Lundy is currently preparing to take a sabbatical in Spring 2014, in which she will be looking at the role of faith-based organizations in fighting childhood obesity. To hear more from Lundy on her career and future endeavors follow her on Twitter @lisalundy.

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