W.O.W., Week 2: Nicole Dahmen

Editor’s note: This is the second post of the Woman of the Week series, created and written by the PRSSA at LSU diversity committee as a part of Women’s History Month in March. To get involved or nominate someone, please email the diversity committee at

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Being a full-time mother and professor is no easy task, but Professor Dahmen seems to have quite a handle on it. Dahmen has found the balance it takes to be successful in both areas by multitasking and working efficiently. After years of working toward her career, she has been awarded a promotion and tenure from the University that will go into effect on July 1.

In addition to her already-full plate, Dahmen is working on two new projects — one of which is her involvement in a book about The Times-Picayune. She and several colleagues will be writing about the New Orleans newspaper’s shift from printing seven days a week to only three. Dahmen’s chapter will focus on photojournalism and how people’s views and opinions will change as the paper has a bigger presence on the web.

So how does she do it all? Dahmen admits that she is sometimes torn between her family and career, but she is blessed to have a flexible job.

“My dad taught me early on to find a career you love — even if it doesn’t make the most money — because you’re going to be spending a lot of time doing it. I think what is so wonderful with the mass communication field is that there is a lot of flexibility,” Dahmen said.

Dahmen’s advice to young men and women as they progress in their career is to focus on what matters. The media tend to put pressure on college students to have nice cars, houses and material items, but teens and young adults should concentrate on finding a job they love and pursuing their dreams.

To hear more from Dahmen, follow her on Twitter @nicoledahmen.

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