London’s Calling

Traveling through 10 cities in six countries for five weeks with 14 new friends is not something many people can claim they have done this summer. I was lucky enough to experience this amazing opportunity with the Hidden Treasures of Europe program offered through LSU. We began our journey in Paris and then traveled to Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia and England.

It would take me days to explain our whole adventure, so I will stick to one of my favorite places we traveled to — London, England. Our professor Jay Perkins gave us a scavenger hunt as an assignment while in London. We had to locate 14 different places in the city, take a picture with each and write a short description on how that site is significant in the media world. This task was a fun assignment that allowed us to see many famous locations throughout the city such as Parliament, the British Museum and Abbey Road.

Aside from the studious part of London, we also made great use of our free time. On July 6, The Rolling Stones performed in Hyde Park for the first time in more than 44 years. Those of us who didn’t purchase tickets sat at the far side of the park and enjoyed the music from outside of the festival gates. We didn’t only have the chance to witness the concert of an iconic band, but we were part of history in The Rolling Stones return to Hyde Park.

London is only one of the many great adventures I had throughout my time abroad. I would definitely recommend the Hidden Treasures program to any student, especially those studying mass communication. If you are thinking about studying abroad, do it. If you aren’t thinking about studying abroad, consider it. This was by far the best experience of my life. I learned way more than I ever thought possible, especially about myself. Besides all of the traveling, students can also earn six hours of credit through their courses. Earning credits while traveling the world? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Kelsey King and friend strike a pose in front of the Big Ben clock tower and the London Eye.

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